SO Local Deals has replaced Limelight Deals

Whatever happened to Limelight Deals? I went to the new deals site, Southern Oregon Local Deals, and I was sent to a Facebook page where the only deals offered were golf deals. I’m not a fan of nor do I use Facebook. So what’s up, as they say?

— Barbara E., Phoenix

Fear not, Barbara, help is on the way — in the form of more deals.

As you may know, we have a new, and local, owner. Our separation from previous corporate ownership also involves a separation from Limelight Deals, which has been replaced, as of last month, with Southern Oregon Local Deals.

According to Ashley Scoggins, digital marketing manager for Rosebud Media (our new company name), the new deal site is still in the start-up stage, but “will have regular deals going live there as we did with Limelight Deals.” In addition to those traditional deals, we will offer monthly deal cards, such as the golf card.

Ashley said to expect to see a number of new deals being posted to the site in the coming week.

We hate to add to Mark Zuckerberg’s problems, but if you don’t want to use Facebook, you don’t have to. You can find the new site online at There’s also a “Local Deals” button at the top of the homepage of that will take you to Southern Oregon Local Deals.

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