Snake roast was likely covered

Dear Wise One: In May a house burned down because a woman tried to kill a snake by setting it on fire. Would homeowner's insurance cover this? Thanks so much! I love your column!

— Meredith L., Medford

Wise One? You're just trying to butter us up, aren't you, Meredith?

Good news for you is we're suckers for flattery here at Since You Asked.

Before we answer your question, let's set the stage for this incendiary serpent story.

According to CNN, the woman was cleaning up outside her Texas home when she saw the snake. She poured gas on it and lit it on fire to try and kill it. The snake slithered into a nearby brush pile, which caught fire and spread to the house.

Good news for her: If she has homeowners insurance and didn't do it on purpose, she's covered. Scott Weaver, owner of Insurance Marketplace in Medford, said the fire was likely started accidentally, which means her insurance company would pay for whatever was needed. If it was found she did start the fire on purpose, she'd be up the creek.

"If they're insured and they have a homeowner policy, then it shouldn't be an issue," Weaver said. "A homeowner's (policy) doesn't cover everything, but it covers darn near everything."

That being said, Meredith, don't get any ideas.

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