Since You Asked: Yep, there is a shady cove in Shady Cove

So, the name Shady Cove sounds a bit like those faux Spanish names in Arizona. You know, like "Agua Caliente" sounds mysterious but it really just means "hot water." Anyway, is there really a cove in Shady Cove?

— John W., Medford

Now, John, shame on you for not thoroughly reading your 2007 edition of Our Valley, subtitlted "Now You Know." Because if you had read the Mail Tribune's annual magazine, published April 22, you'd know exactly where to go in Shady Cove to find the "shady cove."

Right there on Page 118 of Our Valley we asked this very question. And here, by the magic of computer technology, we repeat the answer:

"The shady cove is a nook in a Rogue River bank about 300 yards upstream from a bridge at Highway 62 in town. Driving north on Highway 62 from Medford, a gravel road on the right before the bridge leads to the cove."

Coves are commonly associated with bodies of water like oceans or lakes, but they exist on rivers as well.

The Shady Cove Post Office, founded in 1939, was so named years after a J. Powell of Medford identified that nook as "Shady Cove."

Now you know.

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