Since You Asked: Weeds are the problem, we are the solution

Could you please tell me who is responsible for the removal of weeds along the sidewalks and concrete medians? They are getting mighty numerous around town, especially on McAndrews and on Highway 62 between Highway 99 and Delta Waters.

Closed libraries and high weeds greet our tourist trade. The city leaders' pride must runneth over.

— Pat A., Medford

Alas, there is no easy answer about who is responsible for those unsightly, overgrown strips that fill your heart with something other than civic pride.

The Medford Public Works Department is responsible for a few of those areas; the Parks Department is tasked with maintaining some landscaped medians and rights of way; and some of those neglected patches are actually the problem of private property owners, Public Works Directors Cory Crebbin said.

The city departments try to coordinate efforts and in recent weeks have used inmate crews from the Jackson County Jail to get a handle on some areas. Crebbin said Medford residents who see roadside areas that need attention can call the Public Works Department at 774-2600 with the address and city employees will determine who needs to get out the weed trimmer and notify them to get things back in shape.

But, heck, Pat ... why get a middleman involved. We say just carry a pair of garden gloves and some shears with you wherever you go and take care of business (TCB, as we like to call it at SYA World Headquarters) on the spot. Help a city out!

Besides, nothing is more fulfilling than ripping out a noxious weed.

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