Since You Asked: Stoplight lining up for final approach

When will the city of Medford install a traffic light at the new airport intersection at Biddle Road and O'Hare Parkway?

This is an extremely dangerous intersection due to the high volume of traffic on Biddle Road and the airport, and with the curve in the road, it is difficult to see if cars are coming. I have seen many near misses for cars trying to turn left onto Biddle from either side of O'Hare, and last week I almost got hit myself.

This should be a high priority for the city before someone gets seriously hurt or killed trying to leave the airport.

— Carol F., Medford

You'll be happy to know that a traffic signal will be going in at that busy intersection sometime next spring, Carol.

"We're anxious to get that signal up, too," said Bern Case, director of the airport with the official name that's so long (Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport) that we call it the Medford airport to save ink.

Case said the airport will pick up the tab (somewhere around $70,000) as part of the airport's expansion plan already under way. The airport pays (rather than Medford taxpayers) because the city requires developers to pay for the "amenities" such as traffic signals that are necessary for the project to work.

(BONUS QUESTION: "Hey, wait! The airport is owned by taxpayers, so won't we be paying anyway??" The expansion costs are being paid with an airline ticket fee and federal funding.)

Case said the actual construction date will depend on the weather. If it's too wet to work, the project will have to wait for the ground to dry.

In the meantime, be careful out there, Carol. Don't let yourself become an accident statistic!

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