Since You Asked: State of statehood

So enough about the state flag ... what are some of the quirky trivia nuggets on Oregon's official state stuff? Do we have a state song, a state nut, etc?

— Charlie C., Medford

Indeed, we have lots of official Oregon things. Here's a list of "state" stuff and the year adopted. We culled these tidbits from the Oregon Blue Book:

State Fossil: Metasequoia, or dawn redwood (2005)

State Gem: Oregon Sunstone (a feldspar gem, 1987)

State Dance: The Square Dance (1977)

State Father: Dr. John McLoughlin, who came to Oregon in 1824 as a Hudson Bay Co. representative (1957)

State Mother: Tabitha Moffatt Brown, pioneer who funded her own wagon trip to Oregon at age 66 (1987)

State Motto: "She Flies With Her Own Wings" (1987)

Now, here are some nominations for "state" stuff from the hallowed halls of the Since You Asked Center for World Domination Through Articulate Word Use (these nominees are as yet unaccepted for consideration by any state officials):

State Kissin' Cousin: Elvis

State Karaoke Song: "Don't Stop Believin' " by Journey

State Sock: The White Crew (cotton blend)

State Male Attire, Summer Outdoor: Jeans, tennis shoes, shirt in hand

State Garnish: Whole grain mustard

State Organ: The Spleen

State Teeth: The Bicuspids

Send your own on to our intrepid state legislators, whose important job it is to decide these things!

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