Since You Asked: Signal in the roundabout

What are the rules when approaching the roundabout regarding turn signals? A friend of mine said a friend of hers got a ticket because he didn't use his turn signal. Please help in clearing this up.

— Sue, Medford

Your anecdote sounds like the chorus to a Taylor Swift song, so we'll get straight to the point in a roundabout way to ensure you never, ever, ever get a traffic ticket.

"You do have to use a signal when exiting a roundabout," said Lt. Mike Budreau of the Medford Police Department.

Budreau pointed us to Oregon Revised Statute 811.400, "Failure to use appropriate signal for turn, lane change, stop or exit from roundabout."

The statute covers a variety of traffic-signaling infractions, but yep, it looks like the word "roundabout" is in there. The law specifically says that the law applies to a person who doesn't signal when "exiting from any position within a roundabout."

"It's a Class B violation, meaning it's $260, so it's a pretty stiff one," Budreau said.

We've wondered how to signal upon entering a roundabout — seeing as it's a right turn quickly merging left. It turns out that part of the law is a little simpler.

"You do not need to use a signal to enter (a roundabout)," Budreau said.

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