Since You Asked: Sex offender under supervision

Last year, Craig Hugh Abernathy of Clay Street in Ashland was charged with 36 felony counts of encouraging child sex abuse. Whatever happened to that case?

— Stephany B., Jacksonville

Abernathy, 46, is one of approximately 265 sex offenders supervised by Jackson County Community Justice. Ordered to serve five years on probation and 20 days in jail, Abernathy pleaded guilty in Jackson County Circuit Court to eight counts of second-degree encouraging child sex abuse.

Oregon law defines the crime as knowingly possessing or controlling child pornography, in addition to paying, exchanging or giving anything of value to obtain child pornography.

Abernathy was indicted in December 2005 and convicted about six months later. The remaining 28 counts were dismissed in exchange for his plea.

Following a pre-sentence investigation, which is standard in such cases, Abernathy was sentenced to the standard conditions of probation, including drug and alcohol treatment, sex offender treatment and registration as a sex offender.

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