Since You Asked: Several spots available to get hooked on trout

I need to know more about the fish-stocking scheduled around Union Creek. I know the state stocks trout there every week and I've caught them in Union Creek while camping there, but Union Creek can get crowded. Where else around there gets stocked with trout?

— John J., by email

We at Since You Asked Central often get queried about the trout stocked in the Union Creek area, which is one of the most popular places for Medfordites to camp, and fish a little on the side.

Union Creek is one of the more popular places, but there are others that get a few scoops of legal-sized rainbow released weekly between Memorial Day and Labor Day by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife crews at Cole Rivers Hatchery on the Rogue River near Trail.

The spots are all on the upper Rogue Basin in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and mostly at Forest Service campgrounds.

They are: the Mill Creek bridge at Prospect; Mill Creek Campground; River Bridge Campground; Woodruff Bridge Campground; Natural Bridge Campground; Farewell Bend Campground; Mt. Stella Bridge, Crater Creek; Highway 230 between the county line and the Hamaker turn-off; Hamaker Campground; Minnehaha Creek; and the Foster Creek Campground.

Dave Pease, the hatchery's assistant manager, says snowmelt has allowed crews Friday to stock all but Foster Creek.

Each Thursday or Friday, a technician drives a truck stocked with about 2,500 rainbow trout and disperses the fish at the sites.

It's pretty technical, John. Each spot gets a few net-scoops of trout.

Pease says more popular places usually get a few more fish than those waters less-angled. If a horde of worm-laden Huck Finns are there to meet the truck, that spot usually gets a few more, he says.

They can legally be caught as soon as they hit the water.

Most of these trout are caught with worms, small lures, small flies and small spinners. But we have it from a pretty solid source that you can even catch these trout with a small piece of gummy worm candy if you run out of everything else.

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