Since You Asked: Orange barrel stop signs here to stay

After the intersection at McAndrews and Hillcrest was realigned, a stop sign was situated at the new intersection. It is stuck into an orange construction barrel. Is this barrel a permanent or temporary placement? It looks pretty tacky, along with the failed "landscaping" and weeds on the right side of the road going eastbound up Hillcrest Road.

— Sharon D., Medford

The orange barrel is here to stay, Sharon. Cory Crebbin, the public works director, said there are several similar set-ups around the city, such as at Spring Street and Valley View Drive. He said the city has the orange barrels and signs in places where sign posts aren't protected by curbs.

"As far as them looking tacky, Public Works believes that anything that improves safety is beautiful," he said.

The landscaping, he said, depending on where you're looking, is often the responsibility of the developer of the adjacent property.

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