Since You Asked: Oh right, about that snake. Well, you see ...

Whatever happened to the little snake that was found in your Web editor's purse. Did it get released back into the wild? I read somewhere it got loose again. Is that true?

— Kathie M., Medford

Yes, Kathie, it is true. "Elvis" has not left the building. At least not as far as we know.

We at Since You Asked are embarrassed to admit that the tiny snake which created quite a stir in the newsroom after it was discovered slithering out of Web editor Julie Wurth's purse, still might be roaming the halls of the Daily Planet.

But we sure hope not.

Wurth wrote in a Southern Oregon Journal story titled "Screaming and squirming from a ssssssslithering sighting" on Nov. 2 about how, her cat brought the animated invertebrate into her house. And about her horror at discovering the unwelcome stowaway when he popped out of her purse.

Sometime between taking a photo of the little fellow for Wurth's story, and before he was transported safely home with one of our faithful techmeisters, we ... um ... er ... lost him.

We know. You're shocked, right? But who knew the little fellow could scale the walls of an unsealed plastic container? We considered setting up a little habitat trap, hoping to get Elvis back to where he belongs. But some folks said he'd already slipped down a downstairs drain.

It's been weeks now, and no one has seen a flickering tongue or a wiggling tail. Hopefully, he made it outta here alive. It's what we all hope for on a daily basis.

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