Since You Asked: No plans afoot for Medford IHOP

I saw an IHOP commercial on TV. Does this mean they're going to put one in the area soon?

We sure miss the one they took out when they reconstructed the north Interstate 5 interchange.

— Tom C., Eagle Point

We regret to inform you there are no plans to satisfy your IHOP craving in Southern Oregon.

You still have to travel more than 120 miles to dig your fork into the signature Rooty Tooty Fresh N' Fruity combo or a Big Steak Omelette. The closest IHOP locations are in Redding, Calif., and Springfield.

"At this point, there are no plans to locate there," said IHOP spokeswoman Jennifer Pendergrass. "That doesn't mean there might not be in the future."

But don't doubt the company will use any chance it has to try to get you salivating for its food. The company has a national advertising campaign. It's not uncommon to see a commercial for the restaurants where there are no IHOPs to be found.

Of course, the advertising keeps them in sight and mind, so perhaps the next time you're cruising up and down Interstate 5, you make a point to visit one of their locations.

Meanwhile, there are endless choices for mighty fine breakfasts here in our lovely valley. Some of our favorites include Rooster's, Morning Glory, Brothers and Black Bear — OK, we know we're missing some other good ones, but the thought of waffles and bacon has clouded our memory banks.

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