Since You Asked: Lost Creek Lake is on pace to fill

— Pat, Medford

Well, Pat, the water-watching nerds at Since You Asked Central also were wondering whether the storms that were supposed to hit Southern Oregon last weekend did the trick.

Apparently, they did, in fact, help ease water woes at Jackson County’s two largest reservoirs.

“The recent rain definitely benefited both projects,” said Jason Cameron, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ operations manager for its Rogue River Basin projects.

At Lost Creek, which captures runoff from the far upper Rogue River, enough rainfall arrived to almost completely wipe away the 5-foot lag in the so-called “rule curve,” or rate of fill. Thanks to inflows that peaked around 4,000 cubic feet per second Sunday, April 8, the reservoir was 1½ feet shy of the rule curve Wednesday and is expected to fill by the May 1 target, Cameron said.

At Applegate? Not so much.

Applegate Lake was 22 feet shy of its normal filling rate last week before the storms, and although it’s now just 10 feet shy of the rule curve, that’s still a decent amount to make up by the May 1 filling target.

Applegate could fill, Cameron said, especially if rain that is forecast for this weekend — and even some snow at higher elevations — comes with a little pop.

“It really depends on how this weather actually plays out,” Cameron said.

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