Since You Asked: Hearst Ranch was down south a bit

I'm reading a book on Anne Morrow (wife of aviator Charles Lindbergh) by Dorothy Herrmann. On page 250, it mentions they will meet with William Randolph Hearst at his Medford, Ore., "Hearst Ranch." It also would have coincided with Anne's 35th birthday and would have been the 11th birthday of Charles Augustus Jr. had he lived. Was there a Hearst Ranch in Medford, and if so, where?

— Carol P., Medford

The book author was close but about 90 miles from the actual location of William Randolph Hearst's local ranch called Wyntoon. It is near the town of McCloud, Calif., at the bottom of Mount Shasta.

An article about a naturalist named Edward Stuhl revealed his friend Charles Wheeler invited him and his wife to live at his ranch near Mount Shasta. Stuhl was the guide for Wheeler and Hearst thereafter, as Hearst bought the ranch in 1929, naming it Wyntoon.

Twelve years later in 1941, Hearst would invite Charles Lindbergh and his wife, Anne Morrow, to his Wyntoon Ranch, revealing Morrow's time in the area. The article is available at online.

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