Since You Asked: Gomer, where are you?

I'm a big fan of Jim Nabors, and I'm wondering what he's up to these days. He was a wonderful singer.

— Janet B., Medford

Nabors, now 78, made a big splash on television during the 1960s, when he played a bumbling, naive, good-hearted Marine named Gomer Pyle on a weekly series, but did you know the Gomer Pyle character first surfaced as a gas station attendant on "The Andy Griffith Show"?

Nabors' career as a singer spanned several decades, and he achieved a measure of celebrity in the auto-racing world by singing "Back Home in Indiana" at the start of the Indianapolis 500 every year from 1987 to 2006. Illness prevented him from performing at the 2007 race, but he was back this year.

According to his Web site, Nabors recorded 28 albums and he has five gold records and one platinum disc.

He still sings occasionally, and makes his home in Hawaii, where he grows macadamia nuts and tropical flowers.

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