Since You Asked: Give a mailman a break

As I tried to park near Southern Oregon University recently I noticed several mailboxes in the area had stickers on them forbidding parking within 20 feet of the mailboxes.

I was wondering if this is a new city code enforced by the police or the university? Can I park near a mailbox when the mail is delivered for the day?

— Chuck D., Ashland

Fear not, Chuck. You can park within 20 feet of the mailboxes without fear of your car being towed, though you would be doing our hard-working Speedy Delivery postal workers a great disservice.

"There is no city code saying you can't park near a mailbox," said Ashland Postmaster Don Graham. "We can't legally tow your car. But it does make mail delivery easier if we have room to maneuver."

Put yourself in their orthopedic shoes: Imagine trying to get mail into a mailbox, or a line of mailboxes, blocked by a car. It's just common courtesy.

Post office workers have been placing the stickers on mailboxes near SOU for some time. Graham said the easy access can save mail carriers time and consumers money.

"It could help keep the price of stamps down if mail carriers don't have to spend extra hours delivering the mail," he said.

Graham did say parking near mailboxes in the evening after the mail has reached the boxes and on holidays is acceptable.

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