Since You Asked: F-16 will return to Medford airport

During the early stages of the construction of the Rogue Valley International Airport's new terminal the Air National Guard F-16 jet was taken down to make room for the building crews. Now that the terminal is built, are there any plans on putting the jet back on display?

— Bob W., Jacksonville

If everything goes as planned, Bob, the fighter jet will again greet drivers along Biddle Road by this fall, according to airport director Bern Case.

The jet was removed from its perch near the airport two years ago to allow heavy construction equipment to raise the new $35 million, 100,000-square-foot terminal.

The F-16 Fighter Falcon bearing the insignia of Oregon's Air National Guard was placed in storage until the project is completed.

The improvements continue in and around the airport, Case said.

"We are designing a new park just south of the air traffic control tower that will be open to the public," Case said.

Visitors will share the park with the F-16, as it will be displayed with historical plaques detailing the airport's history, Case said.

The park also will offer views of the landing field so visitors can eat a picnic lunch while watching the planes land and take off. Park benches will be provided, Case said.

"It's going to look very nice when it's done," Case said.

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