Since You Asked: Early birds get Britt's orange bracelets

I went to the Britt Festivals for the first time in a few years to see Lyle Lovett and I noticed a chain barrier between the reserved seats and the small lawn area directly in front of the stage. There were also signs indicating that an "orange bracelet" was required to be in the lawn area. Is the chain there a regular feature now? How do you get an orange bracelet?

— Linda A., Grants Pass

The folks at Britt say they put up the chain now and then to ensure that the folks who show up extra early to sit on the front lawn get the full enjoyment of lawn seating.

Kelly Gonzales, Britt's marketing manager, says the chain is set up for some shows when Britt managers have concerns that enthusiastic fans from farther up the hill might try to crowd onto the lawn.

"The goal is to protect the people who have waited in line since early in the morning," she says. "In the past, people who have waited since 5 a.m. (for a front-lawn seat) were basically crushed" by people who came down front to get close to the performers.

"We're just trying to prevent problems from happening," she says.

Gonzales says there's no hard and fast rules about which audiences will see the chain, she says. "It really depends on the show."

When Britt managers decide to chain off the lawn, volunteers are posted to hand out the orange bracelets that allow concert-goers to leave the front lawn and then return. Those volunteers decide when the grass is "full" and there's no more space for other people to sit on the front lawn.

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