Since You Asked: Dowsett cuts back KTVL schedule

What happened to Libby Dowsett, anchor at KTVL, Channel 10? She seems to have disappeared from view.

— S.L., Ashland

Well, S.L., we have it on good authority that she's goofing off, lounging around and eating bon bons. Isn't that what everyone does when they have a new baby and are moving into a new house?

Yes, it's true, she and her husband this summer adopted a baby girl — Lucy — to go with their 4-year-old boy, Cooper (happy birthday, Coop!). According to her blog on the station's Web site, they're also busy remodeling and moving into a new house.

Station manager Kingsley Kelley tells us that Libby will continue to work at KTVL, but on reduced hours, at her request. She'll do special reports throughout the year and will be among the hosts of this weekend's MDA Telethon. You can catch her on air from 8 p.m. to midnight Sunday and noon to 4 p.m. Monday as part of the telethon.

In her blog, she apologizes in advance for any circles under her eyes, but it sounds to us like she has a pretty good excuse. Congratulations to Libby and family from all the troops here at Since You Asked. Let us know when Lucy's done with that diaper thing and we'll volunteer to do some baby-sitting.

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