Since You Asked: Do not be alarmed!

I've got a police scanner that I enjoy listening to and I notice officers spend a lot of time responding to burglar alarms. Seems every one I've heard comes back with the wind rattling a door or an after-hours janitor setting off a motion detector. Does Medford penalize for these false alarms? Seems a big waste of police time and resources.

— George R., Medford

The city does indeed have a provision to impose fines via Municipal Code 8.680 "False Alarm Fees."

There's no charge for the first false alarm, but subsequent false alarms in the next 12 months cost $53 for the second, $106 for the third and $212 for the fourth. The alarm holder's permit is suspended after the fifth false alarm.

The false alarm fines may be appealed to the chief of police, who will appoint an officer to investigate. The officer files his findings with the chief and the chief is the ultimate arbiter.

For more information, visit and click "Municipal Code" on the left side of the page. Find the item on alarms under Section 8 "Business."

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