Since You Asked: County zoning appeal

Could you let me know what the status is of the appeal on the 10-acre zoning change the board approved back in 2006? And how long could the appeals process take?

— Jan S., Central Point

You must be referring to the rural use zoning approved by Jackson County commissioners in 2006. The city of Ashland won appeals before the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals and the Oregon Court of Appeals.

The original appeal also was brought by Brent Thompson, president of Friends of Jackson County, Ashland resident Cathy Shaw and Medford resident Porter Lombard. After the appeal was won, the issue was returned to Jackson County commissioners, who have been taking a cautious approach. Originally the Jackson County Planning Commission recommended 20-acre minimum parcel sizes for property owners to allow some development on properties that have restrictive zoning. The commissioners decided to allow 10-acre minimum parcel sizes instead, leading to the appeal.

If you're interested, Jan, the commissioners plan to deliberate and possibly make a decision on the matter at 1:30 p.m., Nov. 28, at the Jackson County Courthouse auditorium, 10 S. Oakdale Ave., Medford.

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