Since You Asked: Commissioners don't do nuptials

I recently was told that someone in Jackson County can be married in the commissioner's office by special license. Is this true? Is it possible to circumvent the usual route of getting a marriage license and being married by a judge or minister?

— Beverly J., Phoenix

Are you looking to tie the knot, Bev? But hoping to avoid the traditional church ceremonies? Leery of getting too close to a judge as well? Perhaps because of something in your past? Hmmm?

Don't be shy, you can tell us. We at Since You Asked have our own shady secrets.

Here's the scoop: The Jackson County Commissioners want you to know not to call on them for your nuptial needs

"We don't do that.That's not part of our job description. In fact, that's the last thing we need to be doing," said Commissioner Jack Walker, with a laugh.

However, your friend might have confused the commissioners chambers with the county recorder's office. People get married by special license at the recorder's office all the time, Walker said.

The commissioner is correct, said soon-to-retire County Clerk Kathy Beckett.

County clerks in Oregon have the legal ability to perform marriages, she said. The fee is $25 as set by Oregon statute, unless conducted outside office hours where they can charge up to $100 and mileage.

"I only do them during office hours," Beckett said. "But I've probably performed well over 1,000 of them while I've been in office."

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