Since You Asked: Big plans on menu for site of JJ North's

What's happening with the JJ North's location on North Riverside in Medford? We see fences up and contractors on site. Is it a fried chicken bone archaeology dig?

— William T., Medford

Who knows what might be unearthed when you dig deep around a 70-year-old building, William?

Esteban Gonzalez, owner of G&E Reforestation Co., acquired the longtime buffet and banquet operation for $800,000 last June.

Gonzalez has big plans for the old North's property, including a $300,000 makeover, according to his real estate agent, Sam Martin.

The banquet room, apparently added to the facility in 1967, will have its ceiling raised 4 or 5 feet and the east side walls will be pushed out another 14 feet.

Camarena Construction of Central Point is adding 864 square feet to the premises so it can accommodate everything from weddings to birthday parties.

The former buffet dining area will become home to a butcher shop catering to Hispanic taste.

A taqueria and shop carrying Mexican specialty food and retail items — running the gamut from canned goods to boots — will be part of the equation as well.

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