Since You Asked: Beloved Rocky still missing

Any news on Rocky the glove-stealing cat? You last reported that he had disappeared.

— caller to the Mail Tribune

Rocky the cat charmed Mail Tribune readers last fall with his thieving antics in a neighborhood off Hybiscus and McAndrews in east Medford.

Much to his owners' dismay, Rocky went missing Tuesday, May 22, while they were out of town for a wedding. He's not been seen since.

His owner, Patty Baptiste is staying in touch with local shelters and has posted a photo of Rocky on the clothesline in her front yard, which is used to hold the gloves stolen by the quirky orange tabby.

While the former stray has used a number of his "nine lives" in his seven years, Baptiste said he certainly has a few left.

"That just isn't him to be gone. He was around constantly. Sure he loved to go around and steal gloves but he was always there when I would come home," Baptiste said.

"He'd watch for me to drive up and he'd know my car and hop out from wherever he was and come and see me "¦ it's a complete puzzle to me that he's gone and I'm just heartbroken."

If well wishes and e-mails to the Mail Tribune could fuel his return, Rocky would be burgling gloves from his neighbors once more. While Baptiste yearns to have her tabby back home, she's hoping to at least find out what became of her pet.

"I don't want to lose him, but I'd much rather know that he's with somebody that loves him instead of that he died," she said. "Knowing anything at this point would really help."

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