Since You Asked: Available funds stall plan for Lozier connection

A few years ago, plans were made for Lozier Lane to be connected to Garfield via Cunningham. That section of Lozier was paved with sidewalks curbs and center dividers.

Now that the new high school is about to open, will the south end of Lozier finally be connected to Cunningham? This short connection, I believe, is already owned by the city of Medford.

— Arthur H., Medford

The city of Medford would love to make that last little connection between Lozier and Cunningham, Arthur. The only trouble is the lack of ready cash for the project.

"The city does plan to do that," said Cory Crebbin, public works director. "When, I cannot say."

The city sets aside a certain amount of money for major road projects every year, then receives matching grants from other sources to tackle the projects when possible.

"Our cash flow is slowing down," Crebbin said. The city isn't collecting as much money for these types of projects as before, he said. "As we get more money, that project is definitely on the list."

A portion of Lozier Lane in south Medford was constructed years ago by developers as part of a subdivision, he noted.

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