Since You Asked: A two-fer mop-up job

I have a registered therapy dog and have been affiliated with Therapy Dogs Inc. for about 12 years. Our member handbook says that therapy dogs provide a therapeutic benefit to the general public and service dogs are trained to give direct assistance to a disabled person and are recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Since there is a distinct preference, dogs registered with TDInc. are NOT allowed the same privileges as service dogs and their owners should not abuse the law.

Although I take my dog into a few businesses that allow well-behaved dogs on leashes, I would never take her into a restaurant or misrepresent her status and in my opinion, anyone who does is abusing the purpose and the joy that therapy dogs bring to the people they legitimately visit.

— Sharon N., Central Point

Thanks, Sharon ... It seems as you say therapy dogs, so named by a private group based in Wyoming, are more for group settings like senior care homes and the like, not intended as personal service dogs that accompany individuals for some sort of moral support. (See April 20, 2008, "Since You Asked: Therapy Dogs don't belong in restaurants.")


In the second paragraph of Saturday's front page article (April 19) on the WTC site ("Blueprint find could endanger WTC site"), reference was made to the intent "to build the 1,776-story tower." Since, for example, the Empire State building is only 102 floors and a height of only 1,250 feet, just how high will be the WTC Tower? Will visitors to the tower, when it is completed, be required to don altitude suits or carry oxygen masks? That 1,776-story tower just seems to be mighty high.

— Andy M., Medford

First off, Andy, you got the name wrong. It's called the Tower of Babel, and at roughly 18,000 feet high the air would be pretty thin but all you'd need is a sturdy jacket and maybe an oxygen mask. We were hoping for a space shuttle docking station but that would have to be at 1,277,760 feet, and our engineers have a bit to go before they can handle that.

Seriously, the Freedom Tower will be 1,776 feet tall. With roughly 114 floors, the rest of the distance made up by a few tall floors and an antenna on the roof. An intensely bright light will point directly up from the spire and will be visible up to another thousand feet above the building.

We've asked The Associated Press reporter and the editors responsible for the error to don their oxygen masks and come back to consciousness before their next wordsmithing.

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