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I just got home from a long trip and found my survey from the Medford Police Department as part of their Operation C.A.R.E. I saw that they've already collected the surveys from my neighbors last week. I am wondering whether it is too late to fill out the survey and return it to the department. I really want to share my opinions, and hope I'm not too late.

— Cheryl G., Medford

We presume you live in the area surrounding Washington Elementary School, seeing as how that was ground zero on Nov. 16 for the latest Operation C.A.R.E. initiative.

For those not in the know, Operation C.A.R.E. stands for Community Awareness Rejuvenation Effort.

As part of the operation, the city sends a survey about social services and public safety to residents in at-risk neighborhoods, then the police visit the residents to talk about their needs and give them information about resources they can use.

City departments then evaluate the survey responses to ensure they are meeting people's needs. Officials say the program has improved the relationship between people and the city, and has helped improve neighborhoods.

The operations were conducted in the Liberty Park area after a gang-related stabbing and in an area near Hedrick Middle School, police said.

According to Medford police Deputy Chief Tim George, you are absolutely encouraged to fill out the survey and return it to the department.

"There's no such thing as bad information," George said. "Some just comes later than others."

George said anyone who has a survey from any of the past operations can mail it back in the self-addressed envelope provided by the department.

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