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With all the intersections in real need of a traffic signal, why is one going in at Highway 62 and Coker Butte? Coker Butte is a dead end to the west with no businesses or homes except Lithia Motors, and there is negligible traffic. There is no connecting street to the east.

— T. S., Central Point

The people who decide where traffic signals really are needed have a whole plan for that area, so we here at Since You Asked Traffic Planning and Jams Headquarters got Medford Public Works Director Cory Crebbin to explain it.

Transpor-tation planners want to space traffic signals evenly along Highway 62 to enable travelers to move smoothly along the highway and still give drivers crossing or entering the highway from side streets a chance to proceed safely, he said.

The comprehensive plan calls for Coker Butte Road to be rerouted so both the section east of Highway 62 and the portion to the west connect at that light.

Owen Drive also will be extended so it crosses both Crater Lake Avenue and the highway and reaches all the way to Lear Way. A signal will be installed at the Owen Drive and Highway 62 intersection.

The signal on the highway at Cardinal Avenue, initially installed in the 1990s as a temporary measure, will be removed and left turns will be restricted at that intersection.

Crebbin said the city is working to attain the right of way for the overall project now. The complete revamping of the streets and signals won't be finished for several years, he said.

"It's all being done for safety, to protect the public," Crebbin said.

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