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Are they ever going to repair that portion of east Medford's Hillcrest Road between Stanford Avenue and McAndrews Road? It has deteriorated drastically over the past several years. Portions appear ready to fall into the backyards below. It's still heavily traveled by trucks, cars, etc., despite large depressions in the asphalt.

— Penny M., Medford

The best you can hope for in the near future is a "Band-Aid fix," said Larry Beskow, engineer for the city of Medford.

This summer the road will receive micro-resurfacing, which will smooth out some of the rough spots on that section of Hillcrest, Beskow said. It's a stopgap measure until the city can afford to rebuild part of the street and add sidewalks, he said.

About a year ago, the city requested a geotechnical report of that stretch of Hillcrest, which was built on fill in 1982. The report recommended reconstruction and also indicated that the terrain was stable, although the fill had settled over the years, Beskow said.

Recent budget cuts, however, prevented the city from moving forward with the project, Beskow said. The sidewalks are being designed while officials wait for a more promising budget cycle, he said. In the meantime, this summer's resurfacing should extend the street's life for a few more years, he said.

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