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Do you have information about anyone in the valley who takes in donated bikes to fix and restore them for needy individuals? My co-workers and I were discussing our willingness to donate bikes to a program like this, and just in our small group we have two cruiser-type bikes in great condition and two 10-speeds in decent condition.

This would be one way to support our community, especially in harder economic times. Thanks.

— Beth R., Medford

You have several options to put those bikes to good use. Although it doesn't sound like you're angling for any personal gain, you could sell the two cruisers in "great" condition at the long-running Ashland Bike Swap, slated for May 9, noon to 2 p.m., in The Grove parking lot, 1195 E. Main St.

The swap starts with numerous stolen or abandoned bicycles that Ashland police round up throughout the year and donate to the swap, which supports bicycle education programs in elementary and middle schools. But the general public can bring their unwanted bicycles the evening before or morning of the swap and arrange to sell them. A portion of the selling price goes toward the cause.

If your bikes need some repairs and you're willing to donate them, volunteer mechanics will ready them for the swap. If you miss the event, Ashland Parks and Recreation Superintendent Rachel Dials can give you more information on how to donate bikes for next year. Call 488-5340.

In Medford, the Temple of God motorcycle ministry rounds up unwanted bicycles, repairs them and gives them to children in need. The effort has benefitted foster children in both Jackson and Josephine counties, said pastor Don Thomas. Call Thomas at 324-3245.

For more than 20 years, Medford resident Glen Fitzsimmons has been repairing donated bicycles and distributing them to children and adults, including residents of the Medford Gospel Mission and clients of the Job Council. Known for his generosity to students of the Eagle Point School District, where he worked in maintenance, Fitzsimmons can be reached at 973-7071.

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