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A while back the Mail Tribune did an article on the Mon Desir dining inn in Central Point. It mentioned a "messy" horror movie being shot there. I signed up to audition for the film, but couldn't make it. What happened with the movie?

— George F., Medford

Unfortunately, the film, aptly titled "The Mon Desir," died an untimely death before it could hit the big screen, according to filmmaker Alex Williams.

"We didn't get quite as far as we wanted because we didn't get enough financial backing for it," he said.

The dilapidated building, stuffed with cob webs, dusty furniture and broken windows, seemed perfect for a horror film. In the film, three friends enter the house to tell creepy stories. To their horror, each of their terrible tales comes to life.

Built in 1910 on Hamrick Road, the Tudor revival-style orchard mansion, one of the valley's last, was built for Conro Fiero and his wife, Grace Andrews. The property has changed hands many times since then — for many years it was a popular restaurant — and now is in the midst of a major overhaul.

Williams and his crew shot "quite a bit" of footage before the plug was pulled. Unfortunately, most of what they filmed was unusable because they could not light the set properly.

Williams hopes he can help organize Rogue Valley independent filmmakers so they can help each other out in the future. He said he would like to see more films shot in Southern Oregon.

Until then, Williams plans to attend film school in January at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

"I hope to make all kinds of movies, but horror is my speciality," he said.

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