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Friday's Since You Asked column attempted to answer a question regarding the identity of a truck stop and cafe on North Pacific Highway, just north of the intersection with Crater Lake Highway. A writer remembered visiting the cafe with a young ladyfriend during 1951. Our search for the name came up with the Red Streak Truck Stop Restaurant, but several writers say they're sure he was referring to Bateman's Cafe. Below is one response and a follow-up note from the orginal letter writer:

A lot of your readers, including me, are going to think George S. and his girlfriend ate their late night poached eggs at Bateman's Cafe next to the Richfield Truck Terminal. Bateman's Cafe was constructed in the early '50s and open 24 hours and the "stay out all night" youth in those days referred to it as a truck stop, being adjacent to Richfield.

Each table had a burner with a coffee urn on it. We scruffies would sit at a table for hours at night getting refills of the urn from tolerant waitresses. The total cost was 10 cents per person each for the night. I do not remember any of us leaving tips. If we did tip, it could not have been much. The location remains, but has been Ali's Thai Kitchen for many years. — Bill Thompson, Central Point

I really appreciate your response to my "Since You Asked" e-mail. I have spoken to some longtime residents, and we decided that the restaurant was not the Red Streak Truck Stop, but still couldn't come up with the right name. We keep thinking "Bateman's," but not 100 percent sure that was it either. It may have been the Richfield truck terminal restaurant, and the poached eggs on toast were always very good.

To fill in some more of that trip down memory lane, that young lady and I fell in love, and were married on May 1, 1952. Her name is Myrna, and she was an operator at the local telephone company. Her dad was a great fan of the movie actress, Myrna Loy. We were married for 55 years, 10 months, and 9 days, when she passed away on March 9, 2008. She was a great lady, a loving wife and a wonderful mother to our seven children. We miss her very, very much. — George S., Medford

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