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During the latter part of 1951, there was a truck stop on North Pacific Highway, just past the Big Y. At that time, I was courting a young lady that I met in Medford. After spending some time at Henry's Drive-In on Riverside and cruising around town, if we could see through the fog in the wee hours of the morning, the young lady and I would go out to this truck stop for some poached eggs on toast. I can remember Bud and Lucille's, where King Wah is now, and Henry's Drive-In, but I cannot remember the name of that truck stop. I know it was a long time ago, but I wonder if anyone could help.

— George S., Medford

The Since You Asked Memory Lane geography experts are happy to help, George. We don't have a time machine, but we do have one of the next best things for looking back to the way things used to be around here — Polk's Medford City Directory.

The directory from 1953-54 lists Red Streak Truck Stop Restaurant at 2391 N. Pacific Highway, just across from the Richfield Truck Terminal gas station, north of the Big Y.

It also lists Bud and Lucille's right where you remember at 1182 Court St. and Henry's at 1206 N. Riverside Ave. Of course, it doesn't have any details about the lovely young lady or the poached eggs, but when you fill in those, it makes for a fine trip back in time.

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