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I'm curious as to the method Rogue Disposal uses for recyclables. When the bins were first issued, the instructions attached were very specific as to separation of various items such as paper, cardboard, aluminum, etc.

I have since noticed that the truck used specifically for recycling no longer does that. The driver now has a large trash can into which he dumps everything from the bins, then he dumps it all into a regular garbage truck. It would seem to me that separating it all at the landfill location would be a lot more work.

— Ruth D. Medford

Much to our relief, Ruth, Rogue Disposal and Recycling Inc. started what's known as commingle bins where we can throw any old recyclable that meets the qualifications. (You can recycle cereal and pizza boxes, for example, but no glass. For a list of dos and don'ts, see

The commingled bins actually improve the efficiency of collection and separation of recyclables in Rogue Disposal's service area of Medford, Central Point, Jacksonville and Phoenix, according to company officials.

Newspaper, cardboard, aluminum, tin and plastic go into one bin so that haulers can collect the recyclables more quickly, rather than having to stop to separate each type of item, said General Manager Wendel Smith.

The items are shipped to a processing plant where they are sorted by machine and by hand. The items are then bailed and shipped to market.

The net result is the trucks haul more material, Smith said.

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