RV can't be 'stored' on street

We have a neighbor who often parks his RV on our street for weeks at a time. Isn't that illegal?

— Joe D., Medford

Yes, Joe, it is illegal, although not uncommon. You probably won't get the FBI to respond right away to this high crime, but a call to your friendly local police department might get some action from a community service officer.

Then there's always the idea of talking to your neighbor directly, but we understand that can be a daunting, and potentially unpleasant, task. If you do decide to talk to your neighbor and want to have the facts at your fingertips, here's what the Medford Municipal Code (6.345) has to say about it:

"No person owning or controlling any vehicle or any other object shall cause or permit it to be stored within the roadway of any street. For purposes of this section a vehicle or other object shall be deemed "stored" after five consecutive days if the vehicle has not been moved a minimum of 25 feet, and each day thereafter during which it remains in place shall be deemed a separate offense. ... This section shall not apply to machinery or vehicles used by the city or its contractors in working on the streets."

And, specifically, for your neighbor, Joe:

"No person owning or controlling any motor home, motor truck, truck trailer, manufactured dwelling, or manufactured structure, shall cause or permit it to be parked or maintained within one location on the right-of-way of any public street for longer than twenty-four consecutive hours."

If you don't want to sic the cops on your neighbor and don't really want to have a face-to-face with him or her, you could just clip this little article out of the paper and slip it under the windshield wiper of the offending vehicle. Then run like the wind.

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