Ruch murder suspect awaiting trial

Is there an update on the case of Todd Levi Wilcox in Ruch? He's being held without bond for murder and manslaughter.

— Cathy, via email


Todd Wilcox, 36, has been lodged in the Jackson County Jail for murder and manslaughter since July 26, 2016, after Alexis Lynn Stormo, 23, died in what prosecutors say was a domestic-violence-related homicide.

Though a trial had been set for October, Jackson County Circuit Court records show it was postponed in order to give a new defense lawyer time to prepare.

The new court-appointed defense lawyer was at Wilcox's request, documents filed in court show. Wilcox filed a complaint with the Oregon State Bar against his previous lawyer over the summer, citing frustration with defense lawyer Donald Scales over obtaining toxicology test results.

In a motion to withdraw from Wilcox's case filed in August, Scales said he made four attempts for the toxicology analyses, but they weren't ready until June 2017. Wilcox had lost trust in the firm by then, according to the motion. The motion mentions plans Scales' office had to independently analyze Wilcox's blood sample, though the document doesn't give further details.

Under the advice of the state's Office of Public Defense Services, Eugene-based defense lawyer Elizabeth J.C. Baker was appointed to the case. Wilcox's next court appearance is set for later this month, but no trial date has been set.

Previous news reports show that Baker often handles cases in which it's unclear whether mental illness impacts a suspect's ability to participate in their own defense.

For example, Baker also represents Robert Kahlil Davies Calhoun, 31, suspected of killing Douglas Mitchell Spaur outside a Central Point area Stop 'n Go market in November 2015 for reasons she's stated are "not rooted in reality." Seeking to represent himself in what Davies-Calhoun believed to be an open-and-shut case, Davies-Calhoun had fired multiple court-appointed defense lawyers before Baker was appointed. Pending his fitness to proceed, Davies-Calhoun's murder trial is set for the last week of June.

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