Riverside light came down for road work

I'm curious to know why the electric traffic signal at the intersection of Riverside Avenue and 12th Street was removed not long ago, then replaced after a very brief period of time?

— Millie I., Medford

Since You Asked is always willing to help a loyal reader. And you are a loyal reader, aren't you, Millie? Maybe you were on vacation March 22 when we last wrote about that signal. Gosh, we hope you weren't sick that day.

No matter, we're happy to bring you and others (you weren't the only one who had this question) the latest information.

The Oregon Department of Transportation asked the city to remove the traffic light while lanes were closed on Interstate 5 for construction of the new South Medford interchange. During those lane restrictions this spring, trucks and loads that were too tall, too wide or overweight were rerouted through town. The light at Riverside and 12th, suspended on a wire, hung too low to let those large vehicles pass, so it had to go.

Once the freeway lanes reopened, the light went back up at the beginning of May.

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