Reality TV run comes to close for the Roloffs

Could you give me an update on the Roloff family from "Little People Big World" on TLC? I was shocked there won't be any more TV programs of them. Do you know the reason they are exiting the family show?

— Donna L., Medford

As with much of what's shown on reality television, it's hard to tell what's the truth in the termination of the popular series.

E! Online reported in August that the network TLC was pulling the plug on the show after six seasons. Other outlets, such as, reported that Matt Roloff claimed on Facebook that he had made the decision, although he never offered specific reasons for ending the show.

Spiritswander, a fan blog of some sort dedicated to the family and their show, claims that TLC ended the series, but out of respect for the Roloffs, the channel let the family claim it was their decision.

That seems to cover just about every possible explanation for the end of the series. Whatever the real reason was, the final episode will be shown Dec. 6. TLC promotional materials indicate that each family member will answer viewer questions and talk about their experiences on the show.

It probably won't be the last you'll see of the Roloff family, though. Both Matt and Amy, the parents on the show, are motivational speakers and have written books. They both have charity foundations, too.

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