Range Rover still leaves a footprint, despite name

The other day you referenced a "carbon-neutral Range Rover" in a story on recycling. Does that mean it doesn't emit any carbon dioxide? What's going on under the hood of this vehicle?

— Jenna S., Medford

Sorry to disappoint you, Jenna, but there is nothing magical going on under the hood of the Range Rover.

Yes, the diesel engine meets all the latest emissions requirements, but according to company information on the Internet, the first three years of operation, or 45,000 miles, are offset by carbon-reduction programs overseen by Oxford, England-based Climate Care, a company founded in 1997 and owned by investment giant J.P. Morgan.

According to company literature on the Internet, the kinds of projects companies can invest in to offset carbon emissions include everything from more efficient stoves to biomass to wind power in developing nations.

Climate Care states that the Range Rover has taken steps to reduce carbon emissions at its production plants. To offset emissions on Range Rovers, the company has invested in hydropower in Tajikistan and wind energy in China.

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