Public works crews clean up sidewalk gravel

I'm just wondering whose responsibility it is to clean the gravel off of the sidewalks along McAndrews and Hillcrest. The roadway is clean, but the sidewalks still have gravel all over them.

— Bette, Medford

The responsibility lies with Medford Public Works, Bette. That's what the code enforcement folks at the Medford Police Department tell us.

They also say crews have been hard at work clearing gravel for some time. The tough winter we had has made the clearing job that much more time-consuming.

"There's a lot of work to be done," said Sgt. Don Lane, who supervises code enforcement.

The operation to clear the gravel is a two-part process.

Crews use blowers to blast the gravel back into the street, where it is removed by street sweepers.

"Sometimes they have to go over it again," Lane said. "It's kind of a long, arduous process."

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