Planning Commission minutes are posted on city website

I have been trying to find the minutes (online) for the Medford Planning Commission meetings. I have searched their website and cannot seem to find them. Are they published for online reading or do I have to go to their office and request a copy?

— Renee D., by email

Much as we here in the Growling Watchdog Division of Since You Asked International love to take a chomp out of public agencies that don't let the public (their bosses) know what's going on, we can't do it this time. The city of Medford actually does an admirable job of posting its information online.

To answer your question, Renee, the Planning Commission minutes (and agenda) are available on the city's website, Look near the bottom of the left-hand column on the home page and click on "Agendas & Minutes." Then click on "Planning Commission" on the following page, and it will take you to more minutes than you will ever want to read.

It does take a couple of weeks for minutes to be posted for the Planning Commission, but not because the city is slow on the draw (slow on the post?). The commission meets twice a month, and the minutes are not posted until they are approved in the following meeting. That's because there could be errors that need to be corrected and might be pointed out when the commission members review them.

Not all of the city commissions are on top of the postings — it appears, for instance, that the last time the city's Parks and Recreation Commission met was in April 2010. But for the most part, the various boards and commissions seem to be staying on top of the job of keeping the public informed.

City Recorder Glenda Wilson says if you really want to stay in touch with what the city is up to, you can subscribe (for free) to a city service that will notify you by email about everything from road projects to City Council agendas. To subscribe, go to the city website and click on the "Subscribe to our Site" button on the right side of the page.

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