Piece of land near the new South is city's

I would like to know what the future plans are for the triangular piece of property just north of the new South Medford High School. It is on Cunningham and Columbus. Also, the new lights on Columbus have two red lights above a single light. If both top red lights are blinking, do you stop and then proceed when clear?

— L.L., Medford.

The 11/2;-acre triangle at Cunningham and Columbus avenues used to be part of the high school property but was given to the city in a trade. The high school's construction had some impact on about 10 acres of wetlands.

Under state law, the Medford School District had to create wetlands somewhere else to replace what would be lost with development. It traded the triangular plot for the right to create wetlands on 24 acres of land owned by the city of Medford in White City. Medford uses land in that area specifically for the purpose of wetlands establishment to offset development.

Medford is considering what to do with the land on Columbus and Cunningham. One possibility is construction of a fire station, said Bill Hoke, assistant city manager.

The traffic light you mentioned was installed with the new school in mind to provide safe crossing for pedestrians. The flashing red light means you are required to stop and yield to pedestrians. You are expected to stop whenever the light is red or is flashing red, but when it's flashing red, you can proceed as soon as the coast is clear.

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