Pac-12 Network too exclusive for listings

As a longtime subscriber of the Mail Tribune, I am curious why the Pac-12 Network schedule of events is never included in either the "On the Air" listing in the daily sports section or the weekly Sports Highlights page in the Tempo TV section. Is it because your paper is owned by Direct TV?

— Tom C., via email

We are? Does that mean all the lowly minions here at Since You Asked can give up our rabbit ears and begin to enjoy the benefits of the 238 stations all simultaneously airing fabulous works of art, not to mention football games?

Sadly, Tom, it doesn't mean that, for Direct TV does not own the Mail Tribune. That honor goes to an outfit called Newcastle Investment, an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group, which also has a major stake in GateHouse Media, which manages the Mail Tribune. But we digress,

We are told by the all-knowing members of our sports department that we don't run the Pac-12 Network listings because our sports staff members are all SEC fans ... no, no, wait, that's not it. The real reason is that not enough people have access to the Pac-12 Network to warrant including it in our listings.

Due to the greed and avarice of A) The Pac-12 Conference or B) Charter Communications or C) Direct TV or D) All of the above, most of the Rogue Valley is not able to watch the Pac-12 Network. That is, unless they subscribe to Dish Network, live in Ashland or have discovered one of the numerous ways in which you can get the Pac-12 games on the Internet using software that also may cause your computer to get a bad case of the heebie-jeebies.

Dish Network reached a deal with the Pac-12 honchos to broadcast the college sports network, but Charter and Direct TV are still out in the cold. Since that means the vast majority of our readers do not have (legal) access to the Pac-12's fascinating coverage of Oregon's competitive cheer team, the listings are not included in our listings.

We should note that we do include listings for Oregon and Oregon State football games on the Pac-12 Network, but our sports wonks say that is only an effort to stop the calls from people who assume we just forgot to list them.

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