Outdoor grows banned, plus RV parking limits

I recently moved to Medford and have two questions. First, what is the marijuana growing rule at this time in Medford? Can it be grown outside or not, and how much, for medical or recreational use? Second, is there a city position about RVs being on the street or in driveways? I do neither of these things but have heard conflicting positions from neighbors.

— Judith B., via email

Welcome to Medford, Judith. Here's everything you need to know about growing pot and parking RVs to fit right in.

First, the city of Medford does not allow outdoor marijuana grows of any size within city limits, and it doesn't discriminate between plants for recreational use or medical. Police don't actively look for grows but rely mostly on complaints from neighbors about the odor, which generally crinkles sensitive noses only during the summer. A violation can rack up a $250-per-day fine.

The safe bet is to grow inside a building or a greenhouse. Any indoor or outdoor grow with more than 10 plants is considered a commercial-sized grow by the county, which requires a permit.

As for RVs, they can't be used as a residence either on a property or in the public right of way, according to county rules and city codes. All vehicles with a valid registration are subject to city code specifying they may be parked in the same place without moving for up to five days. After five days, vehicles must be moved a minimum of 25 feet, at which point the five-day clock restarts. Manufactured vehicles such as trailers, however — including camp trailers — can be parked in one place for only 24 hours on a public street.

Vehicles without a valid registration are not supposed to be on the road at any time.

Hopefully this helps, Judith, and now you can impress your new neighbors by straightening out their confusion.

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