Old Molley Murphey's still vacant

Like many who daily drive by the former location of Molley Murphy's restaurant on Barnett Road, I'm wondering who the next occupant will be. It was listed for sale for several months. Now that the for-sale signs are gone, does that indicate a new operator is soon to move in.?

— Murrey D., Medford.

The Pulver & Leever Real Estate signs might have come down, Murrey, but so far there are no buyers and no new occupants waiting in the wings, according to multiple sources.

Although offers have been presented, including more than the previous sales prices, ownership has elected to wait for now.

A series of restaurants located on the north side of East Barnett Road have come and gone since the Sandpiper opened in the 1970s. Investors IV, whose principals include Eric Bunn and Daniel Bunn, acquired the property from Michael Ostling of Encore Investments for $849,500 in May 2001.

The Bunns have declined the purchase offers they've received, but the property is still for sale.

"It takes a long time for property to move and obviously the market is not moving fast right now," said Susan Pierson, a property manager for Investors IV. "We're moving forward, but development sometimes takes time."

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