Old fire station's future yet to be determined

Now that Medford has a shiny new regional firehouse on Stewart Avenue, what are the plans for the neighborhood fire station on West Eighth Street?

— DeWayne S., Medford


Medford Fire-Rescue Chief Brian Fish is understandably excited about his department's new station on Stewart Avenue, which will provide improved service throughout southwest Medford.

As for the old Station No. 2 built back in the 1940s, there is no clear immediate path to the future.

"Right now, we're not exactly sure what will happen," Fish said. "The original plan was to sell the property and use proceeds to fund the building project."

More recently, the city has had second thoughts. The property on the corner of West Eighth and Lincoln could be turned over to a charitable nonprofit to benefit the neighborhood.

Fish said Medford City Council will ultimately decide how to dispose of the old station.

"Nothing has to be done quickly, and it may be handled as part of the budget process," he said. "Certainly I would be supportive of the charities that have been asking for it. But if it would save the taxpayers some money by selling it and helping pay for the new stations, that would be good."

He ballparks the third-of-an-acre property's value at about $200,000.

"It could be a clubhouse for a youth organization or the home base for a mechanic, because it's got a nice garage. It's livable, but someone could just tear it down, too."

If the property goes through the budget process, its future could be rolled into the 2017-18 cycle, which begins July 1.

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