ODOT hopes to sell former off-ramp for $3 million

I was sitting at the Barnett Road-Stewart Avenue traffic light and noticed the For Sale sign on the property across Barnett, next to the Chevron gas station. It said the property was for sale, but that the closing date for bids was March 15. So, did someone buy it?

— Lewis H., Medford

Good news, Lewis! If you have a spare $3 million or so, the property is still available.

The land you're talking about was part of the old Barnett Road-Interstate 5 interchange and was the location of the southbound off-ramp for I-5 drivers. It was closed and the off-ramp removed when the Oregon Department of Transportation opened the new Exit 27 interchange a bit farther south on I-5.

The land is 5.6 acres and is zoned for "regional commercial" use, which because of its access to major roads allows larger businesses that can serve the broader region — everything from hotels to grocery stores, restaurants and banks.

Gary Leaming, spokesman for ODOT, describes the property as a "prime location," that has "ideal interstate visibility with access at the fourth leg of a signalized intersection."

But, alas, two efforts to sell the property — which has an appraised value of $3.22 million — have come up with no bidders. ODOT plans to put the site up for bid again before too long.

ODOT also is trying to sell a 1.29-acre piece of property that sits between Crater Lake Avenue and Highway 62, just north of the Burger King. The appraisal on that property is $591,000.

You can check out the properties at www.ODOTproperty.com.

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