Nonprofit continues Bobbi Naumes' legacy

I read a story a while back about Cynthia Naumes' efforts to continue her mother's legacy, "My Sister's Closet" — a nonprofit clothing cooperative designed to provide professional attire to women entering the work force. What a great way for her to honor her mother, Bobbi Naumes. Did she get any donations? The article also said Cynthia was running a logo contest. Did she select a design?

— Catherine S., Medford

Thanks for asking about this fledgling nonprofit effort, Catherine. We checked with Cynthia Naumes about how her project is faring.

She reports that the Mail Tribune story garnered not only clothes, but a flurry of touching and personal calls from women whom her mother, Bobbi, had helped in the past.

"Gals that my mom had worked with in the past called me crying," says Naumes. "They were remem-bering how much she had helped them in the past."

Naumes is deter-mined to carry forward a maternal legacy of helping struggling women dress for success. My Sister's Closet operated out of the family home for years. Word of mouth kept the women coming to collect clothing that could help them get back on the path to success. But when her parents began traveling extensively later in life, My Sister's Closet "sort of petered out," Cynthia says.

Naumes is collecting clothing of all sizes and is still searching for a permanent home for My Sister's Closet.

"The donations are coming in," she says. "We still need more. But we're plugging right along."

Donated clothing can be dropped off at La Douce Vie Day Spa and Salon at 623 Central Ave., Medford, across from Miracle Shield and Tarasco's Mexican Restaurant. Clothing that needs to be dry-cleaned before being dropped off; it may be taken to Martinizing Dry Cleaning in the Blue Sky Plaza, Naumes says.

As for the logo contest, Naumes has been getting calls from moonlighting designers who are delighted to have an opportunity to do something creative for such a great cause. The logo that best depicts the spirit and style of the endeavor will be determined on May 20. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate at La Douce Vie, she says.

Naumes will have an information booth at the Pear Blossom Festival. But if you need to contact her before that about donating or designing, call her at 944-0900.

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