No IHOP, Denny's Long John Silver's on horizon yet

Is there any chance that Denny's or IHOP restaurants will return to the Medford area? Also, is there any interest in a Long John Silver's coming to Medford?

— Sarah P., Medford

Sorry to put a damper on your future dinner plans, Sarah, but it seems none of your desired restaurants have any immediate plans to set up shop in Medford.

Representatives from Denny's, IHOP and Long John Silver's all checked their records of new store openings and said Medford wasn't included. However, Sarah, each restaurant offers franchise opportunities for people who want to open their own location, and Medford is seen in a positive light.

For Denny's, Medford and Ashland are listed as new and emerging markets for development, meaning they've studied the region and think Denny's could do well here.

While a developer had considered the Medford area in the past, no new restaurant is planned here, according to Denny's franchise coordinator Lucy Clark.

"There's nothing on the books right now," Clark said.

The situation is similar at IHOP, which lists Medford as one of 19 eligible growth markets for franchise investors to open a new restaurant.

The franchise agreement is extensive for the pancake eatery, requiring the investor have more than $1 million in net worth and commit to a 20-year franchise contract.

All Long John Silver's restaurants are franchises, according to its website, meaning a location will open in our area only if an interested person or business decides to put one here.

While you wait, Sarah, you always can take a drive and visit the nearest Denny's in Grants Pass. The nearest IHOPs are in Eugene or Anderson, Calif. The nearest Long John Silver's is in the Portland area.

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