No Ferris wheel for fair in '13

Every year I take my kids to the Jackson County Fair. We get snow cones, check out the animals, and ride the Ferris wheel. This year we went on Tuesday, and there was no Ferris wheel. What happened? Will it make an appearance later in the week or was it an example of the rumored budget cuts?

— Tamara L., Medford

Well, Tamara, we at Since You Asked were at the fair all week. Boy, was it sweltering out there.

We looked high and low for the Ferris wheel, too, and couldn't find it. Our minds spinning, we talked to Fair Director Dave Koellermeier, who said the absence of the iconic ride was neither an oversight nor a budget cut. Koellermeier requested a Ferris wheel but, sadly, there was a scheduling conflict. (There was no Ferris wheel at last year's county fair, either.)

"It will be on the list of No. 1 requests next year," he promised, adding that he always tries to have a good variety of traditional, "spectacular" and children's rides available.

Tamara, if your kids had their hearts set on a Ferris wheel, check out the 2013 Josephine County Fair, held Aug. 14-17 up the freeway in Grants Pass.

A fairground employee said that as far as she knew, there would be a wheel in the mix, and even if there's not, it's one more opportunity to binge on cotton candy, snow cones and curly fries.

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